How To: Enable Jaybird X3 Stereo on Linux Mint 18 Mate

What you need:
- Linux Mint 18 Mate System
- Jaybird X3
- Working Bluetooth adapter

(note: settings may be a bit different on different desktop environment, I use Mate)
Following these steps, you can have Jaybird X3 stereo mode enabled:

  1. Open the system Sound preference application
    • Toggle Start Menu by pressing super key, type sound in search bar.
    • Open the system Sound preference application
    • start menu
  2. Change Jaybird X3 configuration
    • In the system Sound preference application, click the Hardware tab
    • Find the Jaybird X3 entry, click on it, and click the Profile at the bottom of Sound setting application, choose High Fidelity Playback
      sound setting
  3. Set Jaybird X3 as default audio output
    • Now switch to Output tab
    • In Choose a device for sound output, select Jaybird X3
      sound setting
    • Close the windows

4. Test

  • Now pair your Jaybird X3 to linux if you haven’t yet. Play a song and listen.

    not work?! Shit…